Kent Tankred

Kent Tankred2

© Wenche Tankred

freq_out är ett genialiskt sätt och att skapa en orkester och ljudinstallation som gestaltas 12 gå nger och varje gå ng är nå got nytt. Begränsningen av frekvensområ de blir också  en utmaning. —Kent Tankred






born in Stockholm in 1947, studied painting in the early 1970s before studying at the Institute for Electro-Acoustic Music in Sweden (EMS) in Stockholm. Tankred is interested in musical encounters with other art forms, particularly pictorial art, which has resulted in fusions where his music has also functioned as installations at exhibitions. Tankred aims to strengthen the ties between music, movement and image and also to avoid conventional forms of expression. His works have been exhibited at different venues in Sweden and Europe.

RELEASES There Is Nothing To Attain, 2010, Firework Edition Records. Transmission, 2003, Firework Edition Records.

EXHIBITIONS Kent Tankred (solo exhibition), Väsby Konsthall, 2016.