Artist Talk – DIGITALE KUNST: Carl Michael von Hausswolff

freq_out 12 and other adventures


Public Lecture
14. APR, 2 pm
Expositur Sterngasse 13, 1010 Wien


In this talk the artist presents some of his sonic and visual works. The presentation sweeps over Electronic Voice Phenomena, sound-installations and conceptual state establishment and oscillates between aesthetics, methodology and activism.

Carl Michael von Hausswolff lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
Since the end of the 70s, von Hausswolff has worked as a composer using recording technology as his main instrument and as a visual artist using video and still photography as well as other media.
He currently curates the sound-installation Freq_out and collaborates with artist Leif Elggren, film maker Thomas Nordanstad, EVP researcher Michael Esposito and author Leslie Winer. He has exhibited in Documenta, Kassel, the biennals in Venice, Moscow, Liverpool, Istanbul, Sarajevo and in Rijeka, Stockholm, Nicosia, Tokyo, London, New York etc. His music has been played in festivals such as Sonar (Barcelona), Red Bull Adademy, CTM (Berlin), L’audible (Paris), el niche Aural (Mexico City) etc. and released on record by labels like RasterNoton (Berlin), Touch (London), Laton (Wien), iDeal (Göteborg) and MonoType (Warszaw).

This artist talk is part of a cooperation between the department of Digital Arts (Prof. Ruth Schnell)/ University of Applied Arts Vienna and TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien (artistic director Georg Weckwerth).